RE & Blockchain



Q3 2021

Stage I—Gaudi

  • token economy design
  • token economy testing, simulations, and analysis
  • gathering real estate market data for AI models
  • legal framework for tokenizing real property
  • company branding/visual identity

  • accounting and tax framework for tokenization
  • legal framework for utility token
  • beta software development
  • property tokenization in full compliance with EU law


Q3 2022

Stage II—Wright

  • training AI models for real estate valuation and risk management
  • legal compliance for deREIT
  • secured private token sale
  • public token sale
  • deploy smart contracts

  • employing AI models for real estate valuation and risk management
  • establishing first deREIT
  • private token sale
  • end user software release
  • DEX listing



Stage III—Ghery

  • launching full-functional deREIT
  • investment NFT marketplace
  • CEX listing



Stage IV—Foster

  • deREIT scaling
  • decentralized products and services for real estate finances
  • merging off-chain and on-chain aspects of real estate ownership

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