Inwestuj kryptowaluty w nieruchomości.Łatwo i bezpiecznie.
"Mysa Finance [is] a platform that is digitizing the real estate market with, among others, blockchain technology."
— Forbes, 05.2022

Time-tested, stuck in the past

From a long-term perspective, real estate investing has always been one of the most profitable and powerful methods of wealth building. But there is something missing in real estate economics.

A missed connection

Investing in real estate is complicated, money and time intensive. The real estate market needs openness, fairness, and a low barrier to entry, in other words: the real estate market needs everything that blockchain technology can provide.

The deREIT

The best of both worlds.The deREIT connects the real world with the digital world. The speed, efficiency, and transparency of blockchain technology combined with the proven investment track record of real estate – a perfect marriage.

How it works, in a nutshell

Our real estate experts select, purchase, and manage the soundest, most profitable properties. We tokenize the properties. You buy the tokens and share in the profits from the real estate. We make money by taking a fee for managing the real estate properties, you make money from the appreciation and income the properties produce. The more money you make, the more money we make, our interests are aligned.

Full transparency

Nothing gets by you. When you own a Mysa deREIT token, you have access to a dashboard with the details of every single blockchain transaction that takes place involving the deREIT – you see everything. You can independently verify that all the income from the properties is correct and that it’s being properly distributed among stakeholders like you.
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